Deckrete Latex HA-01

Product Overview

Deckrete latex HA-01 is a variant of Deckrete Latex whereby the formulation is tweaked to the emulsion component for applications where enhanced flexural properties and weather resistance are required without sacrificing strength.

Deckrete Latex is a 2 component system, whereby styrene- butadiene based latex is mixed with dry components to produce a versatile deck underlayment. Deckrete Latex ,not only provides excellent adhesive properties, but also provide good resistance to salts and water.

Deckrete Latex has been awarded type approvals by certification bodies. Refer to Deckrete Latex brochure.


  • Easy application – just mix the 2 components together and apply with trowel to specified thickness
  • No water addition – Ensuring consistency of solid content
  • Good water/ weathering resistances – suitable for indoor/outdoor applications
  • Good resistance to movement – Thermal movement, physical shock and vibration
  • Non- toxic – safe handling, low odor, chemically inert.

Suitable Applications

  • Leveling of surfaces
  • Flushing of uneven surfaces
  • Underlayment for steel decks
  • Underlayment for softer surfaces
  • Underlayment for exposed decks
  • Water Resistant coating