Decozzo Flooring

Product Overview

Decozzo Flooring System is a trowel applied, decorative resin flooring consisting of properly garded marble aggregate and finishe with Techny’s high grade Decolite two – component epoxy resin binder that cured to a clear finish coat. Adding versatility to suit the decorative and practical needs of the intended environment, there is a range of choices for colour, texture for non- slip purposes as well as floor finishing.

With it’s excellent water resistance, chemical properties as well as meeting tough physical standards, Decozzo Flooring System can be installed over most sound subfloors, and is highly recommended to be used for demanding applications in new or existing commercial buildings as well as tough marine environments.


  • Easy Application
    All components are pre-packed and ready to use
  • High Resistant to Water
    Provides a non-slip surface and high resistance to water and vapour penetration. Recommended for both wet dry area applications
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
    Good resistance to thermal movement, physical shock and vibration
  • Excellent Chemical Properties
    Excellent protection against chemical corrosion

Suggested Applications

  • Common Areas - Corridors, Auditoriums, Laboratories
  • Wet Areas - Toilets, Galleys